Guide to a Cereal Bowl | Almost a Recipe

Simple and self-explanatory but some people have just not gotten adventurous with their cereal! So this is more like a guide to making delicious, pretty, and somewhat healthy bowl of cereal, with a kinda twist.


1.This is a blog about cereal, I personally can’t get over the uselessness but also the amazingness of this.

2. This is also my first “real” post!

You can’t really see in the first photo (the fall-ish bowl we will be making), but I normally like to combine tons of different textures and flavors of cereal in one bowl. As a cereal-addict, I’ve tried tons of different kinds, and Special K Red Berry is an all time favorite in case you were wondering. Of course the cereal market is so giant there are so many other brands to try. I’d love to know what are some amazing, hopefully healthy cereal you guys love?


By the way all the cereal/product are vegan, no honey or dairy in my cereal bowls.

Okay to make this insta-worthy, delicious breakfast, (or bedtime snack like I prefer) I first added some puffed rice cereal.


These puffed cereal are just one ingredient, super natural, a good way to bulk up a bowl, and add a new texture. I used puffed rice, but you could easily use puffed wheat, puffed millet, or anything you prefer. Experiment! These’s no salt, no sugar added. Not so great plain but we’ll add more stuff. The Arrow Mills ones I get are only at one grocery store near me and are kind of hard to find. A good alternative is also Kashi’s puffed grains cereal.  You get get them off amazon or online though if you can’t find them.

P.S. I find the Quaker ones overpriced, maybe it’s just at my grocery store though.


Next I added the cereal that the bowl is mainly built around. I chose this limited time pumpkin spice cereal from Trader Joes. I love love love this cereal. The flavor isn’t very pumpkin-y but it is the perfect amount of almost too sweet. I used this for the cinnamony sweet flavor. Add any sweet cereal you think will go nice with the bowl you want.

For example… Annie’s Cocoa Bunnies for a chocolate-peanut bowl.                                                                            Vans Blissfully Berry for a fruity bowl


As you can see, the fun part comes! You can add unique and different flavors and textures that you think fit with the other stuff. I decided on some sweetened corn cereal and Kashi’s cinnamon wheat biscuit cereal. They both do not have overpowering flavors so I thought the sweet and cinnamon matched nicely with the pumpkin cereal. The texture of shredded wheat is also really nice!  (cinnamon squares from Cascadian Farms would be great with this too)


And here, I went crazy with cinnamon because why not, I love it! This step should come last to top but I just did it here.


Another thing a little out of order, I added some cornflakes on top. Corn flakes are more like a base cereal, but can also be just a normal added one. These “base”cereals are great because it can be made salty or sweet, added to any flavor combo, and are pretty plain. Other great “bases” or cereals that can top anything are shredded wheat cereal, Chex cereal, bran, any flake, or Weetabix.

Also a quick note, one thing I unforunately did not have was granola. An amazing Trader Joes one I had thought was vegan turned out to have honey 🙁 But… ADD GRANOLA, well only if you want to. Anyways if you love granola you already know this. Just try combining with different stuff and it may taste even better!


Fruittt. So good. I used a great fall/winter fruit, sliced persimmons. Normally I add more but not much on hand. Some other favorites are bananas and berries, they go great with almost anything! Fresh berries can be expensive so I like frozen ones since it also makes the cereal a little colder.

Nuts, seeds, and dried fruit like raisin, dates, and blueberries can be fun to try too, especially if the fresh are too pricy. Nuts and seeds are great protein and healthy fat that will help keep you full too. I didn’t add any since this was just a snack but almond slices, hemp hearts, or some home roasted nuts are great!


After all this is added, now it makes more sense to add spices like cinnamon, or even syrups and sweeteners! Whatever you feel you bowl needs. I added some unseen maple syrup because why not. Obviously you can go all out with…

  • coconut sugar, maple syrup, agave
  • date paste or even jelly
  • nut butters
  • peanut butter powder
  • nutmeg, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice
  • vegan marshmallows, chocolate, chocolate syrup, crushed cookies (these are the unhealthy desert options)

Lastly add milk (a plant milk preferably!)


My favorites is cashew milk but almond milk will always do. Try soy milk if you want something creamy and protein rich. Hemp, rice, and oat milk are great too. Also has anyone tried subbing milk for coconut water, I haven’t but maybe I should experiment…


Thanks for reading! Hopefully this was helpful and relateable to all cereal lovers. If you have any recommendation, requests, or just anything you’d like to say, comment and subscribe for more posts.

Happy cereal eating!


  1. wow, that looks tasty, I’m sure I want to try it tomorrow 🙂
    I found your little space in the community pool, so glad I did!! amazing write up!!!keep writing and inspire us….
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    1. Hey could you also post a link to your blog here? I can’t seem to get to it and would love to check it out

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    1. Thanks so much for taking time and giving this feedback! This was super helpful and I will definitely use this insight☺️

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